Loaded Chicken Soup = Toddler Win

I do love to make soups and Chicken Soup is one that every member of my family will eat, even my non veggie eating husband. I feel like sometimes Chicken noodle can be a bi bit boring or bland. I came across this recipe and it definitely jazzed up my normal soup routine. My husband even called it, ” The best ever”. Savanna’s two empty bowls said that as well. I think the use of chicken thighs added so many levels of flavor to this soup.  This recipe calls for lemon juice at the end, a secret weapon I often forget about. If you’ve never added it to your chicken noodle or other brothIMG_0885 based soup, you are going to want to go grow a lemon tree in your yard for a never ending supply. I used gluten free spaghetti broken up instead of egg noodles. Most of the liquid did end up getting absorbed so I would do less noodles and maybe a little more broth next time.  You can thank me later for your new go to soup : )


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