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My Journey on Freaking Whole 30

Well this has been interesting. I decided to start the whole on September 10. It’ll be great I said, I will feel awesome I said. Well… turns out its not that easy. As a GF human due to stomach issues, I try to eat healthy or at least what I think is healthy most days. Then we hit those weeks where its party after party, and then you find yourself creating a wine and cheese party for one on a Tuesday night. The only reason I started the whole 30 wasn’t because of the 3 week end of summer bender me and my husband were on. The main reason came from a book I was reading (well listening too, who has time to read a whole book) called Girl Wash Your Face. It was an amazing book, but there was one chapter that practically smacked me in the face. It was about keeping promises to yourself. I realized I don’t think I’ve ever kept a promise to myself. Myself must think I’m the biggest liar, because I am. I would start things or tell myself I would do this or that and then come up with an excuse to not follow through. Now, not all the time did I break my promises, but it sure felt that way when I looked at it all in retrospect. The author talked about how the outcome for all future goals for promise breakers is set before you even start. Your subconscious looks back at similar past events and says “oh, here we go again, she doesn’t mean it. Don’t even get excited.” And then you grab that twinkie and margarita with a side of cookie dough on day 3 of your diet.

At first I was disappointed that this was me. But then, she said three words, YOU CAN CHANGE. You can change that outcome, by keeping a promise! Genius! But if I had such a hard time before what makes this one different? The difference is actually committing. Tell your self when you make a promise, you can’t break it, it’s non negotiable. This will allow you to really think through the situation before you actually commit to it. I wanted to know what it would be like if I didn’t quit, what would happen?

Well it’s not all daises but there’s gotta be something to learn here. Here’s 30 days of the  whole, raw details.

Days 1-3: I got this! Why didn’t I even think I could do it? Its easy to eat this way its what I already do. By day 3 “I think I’m actually gaining weight and why am I hungry all day!?”

Days 4-7: Holy shit look out. A mental break down sets in over the dishwasher not being emptied. I am acting and feeling like a 2 year old that got a donut ripped from her hands.

Days 8-15: Still a little of the crazy lingering, but most has subsided. I am so proud of myself for not giving up them. I am so far in and determined at this point. I would never think about slipping and actually like eating all this food.

Days: 16-22: Ok, getting kind of sick of this.  “Is there a point?” I do feel great and not bloated at all.

Days 23-28: Just pushing through, kind of used to this by now.

Day 28-30: I get invited out for drinks and contemplate whether the last 3 days actaully matter. “I mean I pretty much did it”. Nope! Thankfully, my husband convinces me I will reach that 30th day.

Day 30 and beyond: I did it! I kept my promise and did a great job. I feel great, and have cleaned up my diet that I didn’t think needed any cleaning. I don’t want foods I can now “have” and in fact, I am afraid to break my streak!

All in all this was worth it. I read on other blogs how people learn something about themselves and I thought that was their Whole 30 crazy stage talking. But it’s true, if I can do this, I can do anything. Food doesn’t stress me out. I look forward to every meal and how I can use my creativity with it. I have to confess that I have “tried” the Whole 30 countless times before. I would do it, but eat potato chips cooked in avocado oil or french fries. That’s Whole 30ish right? or I would just try it during the week and drink and eat what I want on the weekends. Let me tell you, that doesn’t work. I think that actually made me feel worse.

If there is one piece of advice I have to give it would be that you have to be ready for this. You have to be in it 110%. You have to make that unbreakable promise to yourself. This is the only difference between the time that worked and the times that didn’t for me. Whole 30 is definitely not everyone. Maybe there’s something else you want to do that you have halfheartedly tried over and over like I did. Make the decision to stop lying to yourself. Keep your promise, you will blow your self away.

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