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Oat Milk: The Creamiest, Dreamiest Dairy Free Milk and Why I Give it to my Toddler

Oh. M. Gee. Have you guys tried oat milk yet? If not, be prepared to make this your next purchase. Oat Milk has been around for a short while and got it’s start mainly in coffee shops and over seas. Many of the most trendy cafe’s serve oat milk lates, and macachinos and whatever else can be steamed into a cup. I came across oat milk over the summer after my daughter turned 1. I was transitioning her from formula to cows milk. She had been on Alimentum formula and then a pro-sensitive formula due to fussiness, gas and a sensitivity to milk based formulas. When it came time to transition her my doctor didn’t seem concerned and suggested to do it over the next few days. Well, wasn’t that a mistake. The poor girl was more constipated then my grandma after 3 days of no grapes. She would cry in pain and wouldn’t poop for days. Desperate for another solution I called the doctor back who suggested to transition slower. When I asked about other milk alternatives I didn’t really get an answer. Trusting the doctor, I went along with the slower transition adding an ounce or 2 to her formula gradually increasing it over the course of a month. It was better at first, but once we got over 2 ounces of milk the constipation began again.

I started to reach out to other moms to learn what they have done in similar situations. Some suggested trying 2%, or skim milk. We tried, no changes. After talking to our doctor yet again and doing some research I learned that what children need most out of milk is Vitamin D, Calcium and fat. When the doctor suggested to just give her prune juice with the milk I drew the line. I did not understand why I should keep her suffering! To me, that’s like telling someone with a food allergy to eat the food anyway and just chase it with Benadryl.

I decided to explore dairy free options. My husband and I both drink almond milk so we started with that. The vitamin content is decent, but there is not much fat or calories. Around that time my brother sent me a picture from the grocery store of this trendy looking carton caption, ” Have you tried this?!” It was Oatly Oat Milk. I thought I was pretty up to par on trendy health food but I had NEVER heard of oat milk. What could this be? It turns out it has more nutritional content that we are looking for and about 7 grams of fat. This would be perfect. We gave it a shot and when we tasted the creaminess of this milk we new our daughter would love it.

Fast foward 6 months later and we are die hard oat milkies. My husband is a chocolate oat milk junkie. Not to mention, it tastes amazing in coffee or blended with matcha. Thankfully, Savanna doesn’t know it exists. There is also a low fat version which is just as good. Sometimes if the store is sold out of the regular we go for that.

The only downsides to oat milk are the price and difficulty finding it in stores. It will run you $4.99 for a carton. We usually by 3 or more at a time. I cringe a little when I think about spending 20 bucks on milk. But it’s worth it for her. Pacific does make an oat milk  that’s a little cheaper (but you get less) and can be found in the non-refrigerated milk section (if that’s a thing) but honestly, it does not event compare. It also has added sugar and a much different taste.

The best stores to find it on the east coast include Shoprite, Wegmans and get this..TARGET! Target just started carrying it and I couldn’t be happier. I have seen it on sale once in Shoprite for 50% off. Surprisingly, Whole Foods does not always carry this.

I plan to try cows milk again with my daughter and see if anything has changed but I don’t see the rush. She is ok with moderate amounts of cheese (thankfully!) but for now we avoid dairy yogurt as well. If you are looking for to jazz up your milk scene or a dairy free option for your little one I’d say this is worth a shot!

Savanna Says Score: She says definitely a 10!


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