Savanna Says

Kid Safe Cleaning Products: Good Life Granite Cleaner

Kids…they touch everything and put their hands in every orifice of their body. I have yet to meet a parent who is not looking for some sort of safe cleaning product to use around the house. By the second kid, the panic has died down, but things do not stop going into the mouth’s of babes. I was introduced to this product once again by my mom, the Shark Tank groupie. This product claims to be solvent free, plant based, and safe for kids and pets. According to my mom, she was convinced of this product’s claims the moment the creator sprayed it in his mouth on the show. What people will do for Shark Tank money. But to be honest, I think of that every time I spray a surface and my daughter touches it before I can wipe it clean and then licks her hands. Thankfully that was only once, but that thought eased my heart attack.

Better Life - Naturally Stunning Granite & Stone Cleaner Pomegranate Grapefruit - 16 fl. oz.

I have been using the Granite and Stone cleaner. You can get it for $4.99 on Amazon. It smells nice, not like a typical cleaning product. It is perfect for sensitive surfaces and does a pretty good job cleaning comparable to Myers products I was using. The company makes a slew of products like dishwasher liquid, wood cleaner, all purpose cleaner, dryer sheets, toilet bowl cleaner, and basically a cleaning solution for anything that can be cleaned. I would like to try the wood floor cleaner and see if it is better than my swiffer wet jet. I’m sure its safer for the hands and paws crawling all over it floors.

All in all Savanna Says this one is an 8. I’m sold by the safety claims, but I find I do have to spray a few times in the same spot to get a good clean.

You can find a list of their products sold on Amazon here.


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