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The Truth About “Morning Sickness”

If you are pregnant and have the slightest bit of nausea, I’m positive your google search bar has been flooded with phrases such as “nausea relief” or “can I die from morning sickness”, “how to get rid of morning sickness”, “best foods for morning sickness”, “why is it called morning sickness if its all damn day” or even “cure for morning sickness”. Well, I am about to give you the answer to all of those searches but I will warn you, it is not going to be what you want to hear. The truth is there is no cure! No matter what you do, that nausea is going to be there. Nothing is going to hold down the vomit that flies up after smelling your coworkers perfume or reheated chilli lunch (barf!).

With this being my second pregnancy, I have learned I need to accept the nausea and roll with it.  I can’t control it, nor should I. My body is doing its thing and making an amazing baby- crazy! Every day in that first trimester is unpredictable, which is one of the most frustrating parts. At around 10 weeks I started to feel better. The nausea wasn’t as intense and I was eating 3 meals a day. Low and behold, a few days later I was living off of almond flour crackers and pretzels. Although it seems there is not a cure, there are things can help take the edge off (like pretzels and crackers for me those 2 weeks). After trying nearly every remedy google can provide, I found a few things to be helpful. 

Keep it light. 

Light foods like crackers and broth are supposed to help or banannas. Keep in mind what was a miracle worker for your friend might be your puke trigger. It’s all really a matter of trial and error day by day. Some days I would try to eat a full meal only to proceed to face plant directly into the toilet. Eating small meals doesn’t always work, but with enough trips to the toilet you’ll figure out what works for you and what doesn’t. Like I mentioned before, pretzels and crackers worked for me for a short period of time. Anything salty helps. 

Make it easy on yourself.

While searching the internet for remedies I found something that said “avoid food preparation” HA! Is that for real? Anyone with a family knows that’s impossible. Food prep is a dreaded task right now and I have gotten some frozen or easy prep stuff for baby and husband for nights when I just can’t do it. I’m grateful to be blessed with a husband that is not only willing to make his own dinner but will actually eat the same thing every day willingly.

Essential Oils

I know I said there is not a cure, but I swear this was the closest things. I would feel so much better just by sniffing a bottle of lavender, lemongrass, or peppermint. I would feel so much better on the mornings I had my diffuser on for a few hours at night. I have read conflicting research about essential oils and pregnancy, particularly peppermint. I was too nauseous to understand it all but my doctor reassured me it was ok in moderation so maybe check with yours.


Turns out Pedialite isn’t just for hangovers. When you just can’t drink any water or keep a lot down, this stuff does wonders. Again, ok in moderation.

Liquid Vitamins

When I don’t keep anything down for a few days in a row I get nervous about the health of my baby and do my best to at least get my vitamins down. Sometimes that’s really hard to too. I found a great liquid vitamin that made it so much easier to take. Also, your body absorbs more of the nutrients at a faster rate. Win!

Anything Sour. 

Lemons. Candy. Those sour gumballs out of a 25 cent gumball machine. Anything. Confession: I ate Sour Patch Kids for dinner on more than one occasion. It all stayed down and felt so good! Preggy Pops candies will do the job as well.


Sometimes tea makes me want to vomit. Other times it has the opposite effect. I found this tea called Morning Sickness Tea by Pink Stork. The flavor was great and it really took the edge off at night which is when I tend to feel the worse. However, I purchased the Blood Orange flavor and I can’t find it on Amazon anymore.

All in all, you will have to do some experimenting on your own. Things I have found to be a waste include sea bands and any sort of recommended meal. The thought of a meal sometimes is enough to drive you over the edge. So go with your gut and push through! Keep the beautifully developing little one in mind and eat what you can when you can. When you feel better, you will surely make up for any lost calories : )

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