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Ode to the Broom

It’s 8am. There I am standing face to face with the man I spend the most time with for the third time today. The tall slender bright and bushy man in my life. Meet broom. We spend a lot of time together. More time than the man I married. We dance in the morning, afternoon, and when everyone’s gone to bed. We dream of shiny clean floors and a world where crumbs simply disappear. Ohhh, broom. Sweet broom. Without you I’d be drowning in a sea of cherrios, garlic skins, lettuce pieces, and crunched up goldfish. I’m not sure my husband even knows you exist. I wouldn’t mind if he did. Our relationship is so unique. At 7am when you come out for the first time, I appreciate you. By 10am and our fourth encounter, I resent you. Again? REALLY? Wow. As Taylor Swift would say. You need to calm down. But by 8pm when the house is all quite and clean, I adore you. Thank you broom for doing what the vacuum can’t when children are fast asleep. Thank you broom for saving my feet. Thank you for rescuing me from embarrassment when a surprise guest shows up at the door. You’ve swept me off my feet, you complete me.


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Magic Milk Boosters

Breast feeding is no easy feet. I remember after having my daughter, I thought it was something that just happened and kept happening. Your baby gets hungry, your boobs make milk, baby eats, baby is happy, repeat. Turns out it is not that simple. With this being my second go around ( and struggling with supply issues with my first), I decided to grab breast feeding by the tits and go all in. Here’s what I’ve been doing to keep that white gold flowing.

  1. Essentia: This water is truly living up to its claim as overachieving H20. I noticed that when I don’t drink at least a liter or more of it a day, my milk output is less. I try to drink 30-80 ounces of it a day in addition to other liquids.
  2. Brewers Yeast: This is a classic recommendation that I jumped on the band wagon for. Again I’m not sure what to give credit to or if it’s actually helping, but it’s something I’m including in smoothies or an excuse for cookies.
  3. Celery Juice: I started drinking this 3 days after giving birth. I wanted to see what all the hype was about. I read that it helps to purify breastmilk and rid my body of toxins. I definitely think this is helping with my anxiety. I feel so much more confident, relaxed and level headed (when I’m not super tired!), compared to after my first pregnancy.
  4. Earth Mama Tea: Not the best tasting, but good with honey and I feel like this does help keep my supply steady.
  5. Spirulina: A super food claiming to be good for your boobie juice. I’ve been throwing it into smoothies with banana, dates, and berries.
  6. More fruits and veggies, less meat: According to Medical Medium, a diet low in carbs and high in fat and protein is actually harmful to breastmilk. Breast milk is made of mostly sugar. Healthy carbs likes potatoes, fruit, and some beans, give your baby the fuel he needs. I’ve really cut out my meat intake to see how it makes me feel. I really like eating this way and it’s a good way to get back into. a healthy routing.
  7. When I started eating more fruit and veggies I felt like I needed some protein. I’ve been using OWYN protein powder for shakes for breakfast or throughout the day. I did try Truvani Organic protein with hopes this would be so great. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled with the taste and it made the baby and I so gassy I couldn’t even put a dent in the $60 bag of that fart powder.

Since you are reading this, I’m assuming you’ve googled “how to increase milk supply” as many times as I have. Some of the things I’m trying are results of my googling and others are just what I feel is working for me. Sadly, I don’t think there’s any way to get volcanic milk eruption over night. I’ve found the best results by listening to my gut and doing what feels good. Maybe some of these things will help you and if they don’t at least you’ll be spared the gas of Truvani protein powder!


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No Bake Lactation Balls

With my first attempt at breast feeding I made it to 5 months. At about 3 months in my supply started to drop. Once I had to supplement, because my daughter was eating like a teenager, I didn’t see the point in continuing to pump that milk. I felt like I should continue, but I know in my heart it wasn’t best at that point. Also, I was tired and wanted to sleep! I give so much credit to those who do breast feed for a year or more!

This time around, I feel so much more comfortable with doing what’s best. We are breast feeding now, but if it doesn’t work out I am absolutely fine with that because I know it will be what’s best for me and my son.  With my daughter, I felt like I had no freaking clue what I was doing and everyone I consulted had a different answer. There was not clear answers when I looked for help or direction with my questions like, “When do I start pumping?”,”A I pumping long enough?”, “Is she eating frequently enough?”, “What do you mean I have to keep up my supply? Doesn’t it just keep flowing out??”. Ughh it was very confusing. Continue reading “No Bake Lactation Balls”

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Benefits of Baby Swim Class and Where to Look for Lessons

Before I had my daughter I had decided I would get her in the water as soon as time would allow. I read all this crap about how babies love water because it reminds them of the womb, so why waste any time? My real reason wasn’t to recreate her womb, but to teacher her swim skills asap. I grew up on a lake and was a competitive swimmer. Swimming was such a big part of life, and I want the same for my daughter. Of course, I want her to choose to do things she enjoys down the line but for now learning to swim will help her stay safe, avoid fear of water, and get her on the swim team by 6 years old (ok, maybe 7).

After doing some more research, I discovered that swimming has more benefits than the ones I was banking on. Here’s a few reasons why it might be worth opening your wallet for: Continue reading “Benefits of Baby Swim Class and Where to Look for Lessons”

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Protein and Pregnancy

Being pregnant means all of your nutrients are getting sucked up by that beautiful little baby in your belly. While I am happy to share, I often get worried that I am consuming enough of the right stuff. It is recommended that pregnant woman consume 25 extra grams of protein a day. That’s equivalent to 4 eggs or 1 cup of cottage cheese. I don’t know about you, but sometimes the thought of either of those things induces a waterfall of vomit. Protein bars and shakes are an easy way to get that in when you don’t feel like eating. To be honest, in the beginning I couldn’t drink protein shakes because it would come right back up. Now at month 5 I can’t get enough.

It is always best to speak with your doctor about consuming anything of questions such as proteins. However, after talking with mine and doing some research, it seems that protein supplements are generally safe. It is just important to be mindful of the products you are choosing and their ingredients. Here are some of the best guidelines I found. Continue reading “Protein and Pregnancy”

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Case of the Day Care Jitters?

When my daughter was born, my husband and I had just relocated to northern New Jersey, over an hour and a half away from our jobs. Just 8 days after I squeezed her out of you know where and into the world I found myself on an interview for a position I had always wanted. Miraculously, I was offered the job and went back to work with a very cute under 3 month old at home.

A the time, I had about 2 months to figure out what Savanna would do all day while I am working. I am so lucky to have a mom who is off 2-3 days a week and wants nothing more than to spend that time with Savanna. So now, we just needed to figure out those other few days. I had NO idea how difficult the child care search ordeal was. We looked at day cares, in home day cares, interviewed baby sitters, got desperate and interviewed dogs for God’s sake (jk). Continue reading “Case of the Day Care Jitters?”

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Simple Ways to Encourage Mindful Kids

Mindfulness is all the rage. There’s a reason why it has gained popularity. Mindfulness lives up to its claims to create a calmer, peaceful and more happy life. I’m definitely not a perfect practicer, but I always wonder what life would have been like if I was taught mindfulness when I was younger. I had never even heard the word mindfulness until about 6 years ago or so.

I made a vow to teach my daughter now what I learned later in life (and am still learning now!). But how the hell do I do that when she’s 1 and a half?? Here’s what I’ve noticed and been able to do so far. Turns out shes teaching me more than I’m teacher her. Continue reading “Simple Ways to Encourage Mindful Kids”

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Pink Stork Pregnancy Supplements

In the midst of the first trimester every minute is spent thinking about what you could eat, do, drink, or not do to get some relief from all day nausea. One night while on an Amazon tear, I had no idea I was about to encounter the most amazing and kindest company I have ever made a purchase from. I found a product called Pink Stork Morning Sickness Tea. Sign me up! As I have learned, nothing really rids the feeling except time, but I thought this could help or at least be something else to drink besides water.

When I received my tea I was definitely pleased. It is a blood orange tea that is supposed to help with hydration. Tastes great plain or with honey and you get 2 cups out of on bag-o. (The mug helps ease the nausea too). IMG_1235

Continue reading “Pink Stork Pregnancy Supplements”

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The Truth About “Morning Sickness”

If you are pregnant and have the slightest bit of nausea, I’m positive your google search bar has been flooded with phrases such as “nausea relief” or “can I die from morning sickness”, “how to get rid of morning sickness”, “best foods for morning sickness”, “why is it called morning sickness if its all damn day” or even “cure for morning sickness”. Well, I am about to give you the answer to all of those searches but I will warn you, it is not going to be what you want to hear. The truth is there is no cure! No matter what you do, that nausea is going to be there. Nothing is going to hold down the vomit that flies up after smelling your coworkers perfume or reheated chilli lunch (barf!). Continue reading “The Truth About “Morning Sickness””

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The MVPs of the Baby Food Making Game

Homemade baby food is all the rage. There are so many different products out there to use for making delicious baby mush. You’ve got the Baby Bullet, the Baby Breeza, the Babymoov, the Beaba Babycook and God only knows what else. These machines claim to help you save time by cooking food and pureeing it using one machine. Anything that saves time is invaluable, however, the price on some of these things says that they should also be laying golden eggs and cooking me a gourmet non mush meal with the touch of a button. 

In the peak of my baby food making frenzy, I was able to find a few products that allowed me to make awesome meals for Savanna without breaking the bank. If you’re not looking to buy a fancy machine, you can still make your own food quick and cheap! Below you will find a list of MVPS of the babyfood making game.  Continue reading “The MVPs of the Baby Food Making Game”