Savanna Says

Mom Dilemma: Finding the Right Sippy Cup

There are absolutely way too many sippy cups on the shelves these days. When I started to wean Savanna off of the bottle and look for sippy cups, I ended up spending a small salary on cups. We would buy one and  try it out. It only took a day or so before we figured out it leaked, the straw sucked, or she would just throw it across the room for whatever reason and go buy some more. Out of the small army of cups we purchased, we were able to narrow it down to 2 or 3 kinds that we now can’t live without. That’s it! To make your lives a little easier I have included a review of the cups we tried and why we like the ones we stuck with. I’m sure there are lots of other great ones out there that I am missing but if I buy one more different cup my husband might cut up my debit card.  Also, every kid is different so what didn’t work for us might be great for you.  You most likely will try out a bunch for yourself, but hopefully this list can help you make a choice when staring at that giant sippy cup wall in your local baby store. Continue reading “Mom Dilemma: Finding the Right Sippy Cup”