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The Car Seat Poncho: The Answer to the End of Car Seat Battles?

The thing that I dislike about the winter the most is not the snow, the cold, or the weather. The thing I despise the most is the battle of the car seat. Oh you know moms, that daily dreaded struggle of shoving your child into the car seat who has now doubled in size due to a big puffy coat.  Lets not forget the joy of stuffing your child into a coat for the 3 seconds it takes to get to the car and then taking it off again and then on again when you get to your destination. I’ve never run a marathon but I think that the energy exerted in either of these tasks is almost the same.

While sharing car seat battle stories with my cousin, she had mentioned that there are car seat ponchos. Curious, I decided to check it out. I wasn’t sure how worth it would be so I decided to hold back on the purchase. Low and behold my mom ended up buying it for Savanna for Christmas! That’s Grandmas for ya. The one we have was purchased from Otto & Odette on Etsy. The idea behind the poncho is that your child can wear something warm and be safely buckled into a car seat at the same time.

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