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Oat Milk: The Creamiest, Dreamiest Dairy Free Milk and Why I Give it to my Toddler

Oh. M. Gee. Have you guys tried oat milk yet? If not, be prepared to make this your next purchase. Oat Milk has been around for a short while and got it’s start mainly in coffee shops and over seas. Many of the most trendy cafe’s serve oat milk lates, and macachinos and whatever else can be steamed into a cup. I came across oat milk over the summer after my daughter turned 1. I was transitioning her from formula to cows milk. She had been on Alimentum formula and then a pro-sensitive formula due to fussiness, gas and a sensitivity to milk based formulas. When it came time to transition her my doctor didn’t seem concerned and suggested to do it over the next few days. Well, wasn’t that a mistake. The poor girl was more constipated then my grandma after 3 days of no grapes. She would cry in pain and wouldn’t poop for days. Desperate for another solution I called the doctor back who suggested to transition slower. When I asked about other milk alternatives I didn’t really get an answer. Trusting the doctor, I went along with the slower transition adding an ounce or 2 to her formula gradually increasing it over the course of a month. It was better at first, but once we got over 2 ounces of milk the constipation began again. Continue reading “Oat Milk: The Creamiest, Dreamiest Dairy Free Milk and Why I Give it to my Toddler”