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The Truth About “Morning Sickness”

If you are pregnant and have the slightest bit of nausea, I’m positive your google search bar has been flooded with phrases such as “nausea relief” or “can I die from morning sickness”, “how to get rid of morning sickness”, “best foods for morning sickness”, “why is it called morning sickness if its all damn day” or even “cure for morning sickness”. Well, I am about to give you the answer to all of those searches but I will warn you, it is not going to be what you want to hear. The truth is there is no cure! No matter what you do, that nausea is going to be there. Nothing is going to hold down the vomit that flies up after smelling your coworkers perfume or reheated chilli lunch (barf!). Continue reading “The Truth About “Morning Sickness””